The Importance of Wedding Dress Preservation: A Keepsake for Generations

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Your wedding dress is likely one of the most important garments you will ever wear. From the moment you slip into that stunning gown and gaze at your reflection, you feel like the center of attention, a beautiful bride ready to walk down the aisle. Your dress makes your wedding day magical, transforming you into a princess as you say “I do” to your prince charming. 

Of course you’ll want to preserve such an iconic dress for a lifetime of memories and even future generations. But a wedding gown is an investment and keeping it in pristine condition after your big day takes some effort. Without the proper storage and care, your fragile, fabulous dress could easily become damaged by light, humidity, dirt, insects, or simple aging of fabrics over time. Don’t let the reminder of one of the best days of your life become a discolored mess of fabric or bug buffet! Read on to learn how professional preservation can protect your precious wedding gown for decades to come.

The Importance of Cleaning & Preserving Your Wedding Dress

Your wedding dress is likely delicate and intricate, with special details like silk, lace, intricate beading, and other embellishments that make it exceptional. All of these fabrics and decorations need special care and handling to prevent damage over time. If not properly cleaned and stored, your beloved dress could end up yellowed, soiled, bug-infested, and essentially ruined – not the fate you want for such an important investment!

Getting your gown professionally cleaned will protect it from dirt, skin oils, food stains, and other grime from your big day. Ensuring it stays in a cool, dark place and checking regularly for pests will prevent deterioration. And using an acid-free archival box with tissue paper instead of plastic will allow it to breathe without dust and moisture damage. Taking these preservation steps immediately after your wedding will keep your cherished dress looking pristine for a lifetime and allow you to safely pass down the heirloom to future generations or your own children someday. Love and care for the gown that made your wedding day magical!

Elle Mae Bridal’s Wedding Dress Cleaning & Preservation Process

At Elle Mae Bridal, we understand your wedding gown is a cherished heirloom that deserves specialized care and handling after your big day. That’s why we partner exclusively with the Wedding Gown Preservation Company, experts in protecting and preserving delicate fabrics for over 100 years. Their proprietary process has an unmatched 100-year guarantee that will keep your gown looking as stunning as the first time you wore it.

First, your dress receives a gentle, non-toxic professional dry cleaning to lift soils and odors without damaging fragile silks, lace, or beadwork. Next, experienced specialists hand-finish with steam pressings to smooth any wrinkles and restore the shape. Minor repairs are also made to fix any loose beads, torn hems, or stretched seams. Finally, the cleaned gown is carefully packed into optional archival storage boxes specifically designed for preserving textiles and keeping out dust and insects.

 Preserve Your Precious Memories

Your wedding dress encapsulates one of the most cherished memories of your life – the day you committed to your soulmate in front of all those you love. Ensure the gown that made you feel like a princess can be passed down for generations. Trust the wedding dress preservation experts at Elle Mae Bridal to gently clean, expertly repair, and properly store your heirloom using archival materials. Our exclusive partnership with the Wedding Gown Preservation Company guarantees their treatments will keep your dress vibrant for the next 100 years.

Contact Elle Mae Bridal today to schedule your wedding gown preservation. We can’t wait to care for the dress that made your big day magical and ensure it stays in the family for your children, grandchildren and beyond. Visit our website to get started!

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