5 Tips To Making The Most of Your Wedding Dress Appointment

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Bridal party with champagne at fitting in Magnolia, TX

You’ve been dreaming about this moment for ages – finally slipping into gorgeous wedding gowns and finding THE wedding dress. At Elle Mae Bridal in Magnolia, Texas, we want to make this experience as special and stress-free as possible. Our mission is to provide designer wedding dresses in a wide range of sizes, to fit all budgets.

To ensure your bridal dress appointment with us is productive and enjoyable, follow these tips:

Come Prepared For The Bridal Fitting

Get familiar with wedding dress lingo – silhouettes, necklines, fabric types and any other commonly used phrases or terms. If you’re already dead set on a style, that’s great! But it is also just fine if you have no clue. What we think we like isn’t always the dress we say yes to. 

Find some inspiration photos to share with your wedding dress consultant. This will help get a good baseline for your individual personality and style preferences. Don’t worry if your inspo pics are all over the place – that variety gives your stylist more to work with in pulling dresses for you to try.

It also helps your consultant, if you know details like your wedding venue, date and overall theme/vibe. They can then better recommend gowns that will be cohesive with your event setting and aesthetic.

Bringing one or two trusted friends or family members can be helpful for second opinions. But limit your entourage to avoid too many conflicting voices during your bridal dress appointment. Too much outside input can make the process overwhelming. 

Set Realistic Expectations

Wedding dress shopping takes time! Most brides need to try on quite a few dresses before falling in love. We highly recommend that you only schedule one or two appointments per day because as fun as finding your perfect gown is, it’s also extremely mentally exhausting. 

Build in ample time for your bridal dress appointment, and keep an open mind. Your consultant is skilled at selecting gowns that may surprise you in the best way possible. They are trained to look beyond just the dress style or silhouette you think you want. With their keen eye and years of experience, they can pull options that flatter your figure and complement your vibe in unexpected ways.

It’s not uncommon to fall for a dress that’s totally different than what you initially envisioned. Remain flexible and realistic about finding your dream wedding gown. It may take trying on several different looks before you get those magical goosebumps. Trust the process and your consultant’s guidance.

Arriving for Your Wedding Dress Fitting? Here’s What You Should Wear!

When you arrive, be sure to wear or bring similar undergarments to what you plan to wear with your wedding dress. This includes the proper bra, shapewear, etc. The right foundational pieces will allow you to get a true sense of how the dress will actually look and fit on your body. Don’t forget to also wear the wedding shoes you want to wear on your wedding day, as heel height can significantly impact how a dress falls and fits.

For the best experience trying on dresses, wear minimal makeup and tie long hair back in a low bun or braid. This makes it much easier to get bridal gowns on and off without excessive tugging or makeup smears. You’ll appreciate the ease of slipping in and out of numerous wedding dresses.

Speak Up

Open and honest communication with your stylist is crucial for a successful bridal dress appointment. As you try on different gowns, be vocal about what you love and don’t love about each one. Do you adore the neckline but wish the skirt had more volume? Or maybe you love the overall silhouette but the fabric doesn’t feel quite right? 

Providing this feedback allows your stylist to really hone in on the details that will make a wedding dress “the one” for you. They can quickly discard what doesn’t work and bring new options that align with your preferences.

Don’t be shy about expressing if something doesn’t feel comfortable or isn’t giving you that magical bridal feeling. An ill-fitting gown that you have to constantly adjust or feels restrictive won’t allow you to be fully present on your wedding day. Your stylist wants you to feel confident and at ease, so they welcome candid comments about the fit and overall wearability.

The perfect wedding dress should check all the boxes – a look you love that also feels wonderful on your body. By speaking up openly during your bridal dress appointment, your consultant  becomes better equipped to find or create that custom dream dress experience for you. A little honest discussion goes a long way!

Budget Sensibly

At Elle Mae Bridal, our curated collection of designer-quality gowns are all priced under $2,000. This provides an incredible value compared to higher-priced wedding boutiques. However, it’s important to factor in additional expenses when setting your total wedding dress budget.

Accessories like bridal veils, jewelry, wedding shoes, and other embellishments can add up quickly. Ensure you allocate funds for any bridal accessories needed to complete your overall look. Our stylists can make recommendations based on your dress selection and stay within your desired budget range.

Alterations are also a crucial investment for achieving that perfect, contoured bridal fit. Even the most exceptional gown requires skilled alterations to tailor it precisely to your individual measurements and curves. At Elle Mae Bridal, we work with experienced seamstresses who specialize in bridal gown customization.  

The alteration costs can vary based on the intricacy of the gown and extent of changes required. We recommend budgeting at least $300-$800 for alterations to allow enough flexibility. This ensures your dress can be modified for a flawless, comfortable fit.

Simply let your stylist know your overall pricing parameters from the start. We’re happy to work within your budget to create a dreamy bridal look without any unexpected costs. Thoughtful planning prevents dress regret down the road!

The Elle Mae Bridal Experience

At Elle Mae Bridal, our goal is to make every bride’s wedding dress vision a gorgeous reality. With our amazing selection of high-quality yet affordable gowns and these helpful tips, you’re sure to have an unforgettable experience finding and fitting your dream dress.

Our expert consultants are passionate about guiding you through every step, from exploring gorgeous gown options to customizing the perfect fit and look. We understand how emotional and meaningful this journey is for each bride. You can count on our caring team to make your appointments fun, relaxing, and all about celebrating your once-in-a-lifetime moment.

Elle Mae Bridal offers designer-quality gowns at exceptional values, with our curated collection staying under $2,000. You’ll feel like royalty while still staying within your desired budget. And with our wide range of sizes from petite to plus, everyone can find their fairytale dress here.

We truly believe every bride deserves to feel their most radiant, confident self on their wedding day. Book your bridal appointment at our boutique in the charming town of Magnolia, Texas today! Let us bring your bridal visions to life and give you an experience you’ll cherish forever.

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